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Disaster Planning

No other region in the United States knows about the need for disaster planning more than the Gulf Coast. Hurricanes make the likelihood of a disaster in New Orleans and southeast region a statistical near certainty. And the ever present threats of fires, theft, floods, gas or chemical leaks, and power outages give no safe harbor to any business or organization in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Disaster planning and business continuity are not about recovery but about preparation. RESTECH offers its customers a comprehensive suite of business disaster recovery and business continuity solutions tailored to each customer needs.

  • High Availability and Redundant systems
  • Bare Metal recovery
  • Tape, Disk-to-Disk and Library Backups
  • Off-site Data Backup Availability
  • Offsite Business Continuity server hosting.
  • Data Replication to remote silos
  • 24 x7 support during critical times
"80% of companies without well-conceived data protection and recovery strategies go out of business within 2 years of a major disaster"
- US National Archives and Records Administration

We would like to help you prepare for the next disaster. You can reach us directly on the Contact page.

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