13 04, 2016

8 tips for a more productive day

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Your productivity typically likes to take a hiatus at some point during the workday – whether it’s 8:05 in the morning and you just want a little more time to scroll through that Facebook feed or it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and the only thing you can think of is curling up in a ball [...]

13 04, 2016

5 things to remember when securing your connected devices

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A large portion of what we do every day is heavily influenced by our connected devices.  From budgeting and entertainment to communicating and shopping, we use laptops, smartphones, and tablets to work and live more efficiently. But at what cost? Just because you know how to use a phone or tablet or any other device [...]

12 04, 2016

The trick to creating easy-to-remember passwords

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The general public tends to view passwords as nothing more than a nuisance, “You want a number AND a capital letter?  Geeze, pretty soon you’ll be asking for a special character.”  In all honesty, if people had it their way, the only thing a login would ever require is a username – with the browser [...]