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Backup and Recovery

Disasters are Unpredictable

They’re as small as human error, as big as hurricanes, as random as a computer crash, and as malicious as Ransomware.

Our services have helped 100’s of businesses keep on working.

  • “I was doing the backups for our business when we got hit with Ransomware.  I went to restore and couldn’t get it to work.  It was the worst feeling.  We hired Restech and I no longer have that to worry about.” – Office Manager, Kenner, LA

  • “Before Restech our backup plan was missing lots of pieces.  Recently, we had an outage and I was worried about lost time and money. It was for nothing, the team at Restech had us restored and running from backup before I could even break a sweat.” – Jeff New Orleans Realty Brokerage Firm

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Business Continuity Questions

Cyber thieves are smart.  They’re using artificial intelligence and other crafty methods to steal your data and your money.  When creating your data and system backup-recovery plan it’s important to factor in ransomware and other malicious code.  Ransomware shield masks where and how your backups are stored.  We also work to create increments that won’t let ransomware cripple your data recovery if it were to sneak in.

A business hit by hardware failure, a rogue employee, or malicious cyber thieves needs a quick path to recovery.  Without it, we have seen businesses who get hit so hard they simply have to close their doors.

Give us a call.  We offer fully managed backup and recovery services for as low as $149 per month.

More businesses are being hit with compliance regulations.  Compliance requirements vary by industry but usually require you to protect and keep large amounts of data for years. Securing your data is now a high priority as cyber crime rises and industry regulations work to keep private information safe.  At Restech, we manage compliance requirements every day.  Our experience will help make sure your data storage, backup and recovery meet your compliance requirements and stay cost effective.

By understanding your industry, our planning will manage the growing volume of data most businesses create without ballooning your costs.

Our compliance expertise has helped hundreds of businesses pass the regular audits they face.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Without your applications or the data you rely on to run your business, you are basically out of business. We know this and that’s why the business continuity plan we put in place is designed around your critical data and recovery time.

Every minute you are down you are losing money.  That’s why we work with you to create a recovery plan that will fit your business goals and needs.  We can put in solutions that essentially give you almost instantaneous backup.

Our managed Data Backup and Recovery services will monitor and test your backups on a regular basis.  Whether you need to recover a single file, a failed workstation or something much larger, you can rest knowing you can get your data back quickly.

As a full service IT and Cybersecurity Firm you get backup managed and done right for a fraction of the cost to get potentially get it wrong.

Good question.  It seems that backup services are everywhere.  That can make things confusing.  The simple answer is: Recovery.  As users of the internet and software services we often think that our data is backed up if it’s in the cloud.  And if we have internal servers and computers we think if we put our backups on a disc or some other device we are safe.


Almost every business is doing a backup of some sort today.  The issues come when they try to recover the data.  Too often, businesses experience that sinking feeling when the backup fails, doesn’t fully recover, or the right data hasn’t been saved.  We get too many calls from businesses who want to see if we can help them after the fact.

Imagine not having to worry about recovering your data.  Our services ensure that recovering every last bit of data happens when and how you need it.  And with the rise in cyber threats your data backup and recovery is more important than ever.


Our friendly and certified backup and recovery engineers provide the right business continuity plan for your business. We consistently monitor all parts of your backup to ensure they are working. We also do full-scale recovery testing on a regular basis.  Finally, we review your business at least once a year to make sure the constant changes in your business are reflected in your backup plan.

With fully managed backup and recovery starting as low as $149 a month, why would you want to do it yourself?

Get a fully managed data backup and disaster recovery solution you can count on.

Cloud is an essential tool in the modern backup world.  The gold standard of backups is having at least 3 copies and we help manage that the right way.  Our backups include a cloud component that keeps your data accessible.  Our team understands that mission-critical data needs to be protected and available when you need it. As a full-suite IT and Cybersecurity firm with our own cloud hosting facility, we can backup local to your business and have a cloud copy here in New Orleans with a mirror to our facility in Dallas.  Every business has different data and recovery needs and we work with you to get the right backup plan.

Every business has different and changing needs. Our modern digital business landscape has increased the volume and importance of data.  Your backups require thought that should consider compliance needs, security measures, data growth and the critical data you have.  You will also want to consider how fast you need to have a file back or how long you can be without data.

Your business is probably already doing a backup of some sort.  The issue is when it’s discovered too late that the plan didn’t match the needs or failed to spin up a recovery.  You should plan on reviewing your business continuity plan at least once per year to keep pace with changes in your business.

Your most important questions are how fast you need to be back up and running, how much data can you stand to lose without losing money, reputation or time and do you need remote spin up in case of a larger disaster.

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