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Frequently Asked Cabling Questions

We are a full-service Business Cabling Company serving the greater New Orleans areas.  Whether you are moving your office, building one from scratch or are in need of someone to clean up your current cabling mess, we offer the right service at the right price.

What we do:

  • Fiber Optic Terminations and Testing
  • Patch Panel Installation & Termination
  • Data Cabling – Cat5e | Cat6/6A | Fiber Optic
  • Voice & Telephone (VoIP or Analog)
  • Business WiFi Cabling / Sales and Installation of WiFi access points
  • Security and Surveillance Installation
  • Business Cable TV Lines
  • Audit and Reviews – If you need to know exactly how your foundation is affecting your workflow, we’ll let you know with a thorough audit and review.
  • Diagnostic & Troubleshooting – Sometimes you’re never quite sure where the problem is coming from, let RESTECH pinpoint the source for you.
  • Project Management – Planning an upgrade, a change of location, or just a minor tweak? Restech technicians can guide you through the process.

Poorly installed cabling will create performance issues and IT complications, resulting in unnecessary downtime and damaged productivity.

Think of the cabling in your building or office as a roadway.  You can drive on a dirt road or a superhighway.  When driving on a dirt road, you are going to have to limit your speed, have some bumps in the road but it will get you there.  On the other hand a superhighway will hold more cars and get you all there quicker.

As technology progresses the capabilities of the cabling advance too.  The older cables are CAT5 and CAT5e systems that work well but can have more interference from other what we call “noise” from various sources.  CAT6 and now it’s newest iteration CAT6A cabling is a thicker and quicker cabling solution that can reduce the noise which give better network performance.

Fiber optic cabling uses light beams for data transport instead of the copper electrical signals.  Fiber can transmit data over longer distances with high performance and will experience far less of that noise that can interfere with network performance.

Connecting your hardware and cabling is a delicate balance that needs to be done right.  Our professional installation focuses on creating the right balance of hardware, cabling type that can scale and provide the performance your business needs to succeed.

As technology advances so does the quality of the cabling that you can implement.  The biggest difference is in the thickness of the cables.  As you upgrade from CAT5 to CAT6 and now CAT 6A you will see a direct correlation to the quality of data transfer.  The thicker cables of CAT 6 and now CAT6A  give you a better speed rate for data transfer of up to 10-gigabits.

The newest iteration of cables, CAT6A can maintain 10 Gigabits of speed for the full 328 feet of Ethernet cable installed.  The cable you implement does matter when it comes to data speeds and performance.

Fiber optic cables contain strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing that is designed to be able to transmit data over longer distances.  Consider it to be very high performing in both data and telecommunications.  Fiber optics will give your business or home higher bandwidth to be able to transmit more data, with greater speed over longer distances.

When it comes to Fiber Optic Cabling it is recommended that your cabling infrastructure designers to use one type of fiber throughout an entire channel to avoid potential performance issues.

With CAT5 to CAT6A it is important that each of the manufacturers jacks work with other compliant manufacturers.  It’s important to understand any cabling you already have in place to determine how compatibility and performance will play out.

Any reputable and trained cabling professional will be able to help you determine the best cabling for your needs.


It’s time to have high performing cabling  and clear up common issues that come from inadequate installations.

At Restech, we offer expert installation and maintenance services that will keep your cables exactly where they should be, doing exactly what they need to.

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