The New Age of Business IT Support

As the business landscape has evolved in the internet era, so has the nature of business IT support.  Not that long ago it was easy to hire a person with some decent computer skills to support your technology (i.e. computer issues, printers, and software installations).  A lot has changed in the last 10 years. It’s harder than ever for one person to be good at everything your business needs to be productive and successful.

Every business is now a technology business.

Every business has new technology challenges and opportunities.  There is a growing number of devices and a need for more collaboration with more diverse networks and cloud.  Every business has a large and growing amount of data that needs to be strategically managed, stored and backed up.  Combating smart cybercriminals just adds to the new realities and the need for more diverse IT support.

Managed IT ServicesWith these new realities, it’s harder than ever to find people with all of the skills needed to make sure you are optimizing your use of technology and cybersecurity.

This is where “IT as a Service” has become popular.  “As-a-service” is a new buzzword for a growing number of technology services that companies look to for outsourcing.  IT-as-a-service is also a new word for  IT managed services that have been around for decades.  IT-as-a-service, however you refer to them, is quickly becoming an important part of how businesses manage technology.   IT services and security firms are filling important skills gaps and are helping manage some or all of the technology infrastructure needs.

What is driving the change?

According to Gartner, it has become more cost-effective and strategic for businesses to outsource technology services than try and hire in-house.  With a predicted, 3.5 million labor shortfall for cyber and IT professionals by 2021 these services are going to play a more important role. Many of these openings will go unfulfilled as workers will look for job openings where they know they will be challenged and trained.  IT firms will attract much of this talent and become the extended technology team that businesses of all sizes will need.

“IT as a service” will become the new norm and help you stay competitive without having to worry about carrying headcount with outdated skill sets.  You’ll also benefit from economies of scale.  Not only can you reduce your overall costs, but these firms have a vested interest in delivering customer satisfaction, not just the status quo.  The will continue to train and hire the right skill sets.  Essentially by using IT services, you’re getting a ton of experience from engineers who have handled a vast number of IT issues and environments.

The IT as a Service Model often costs less.

Even if you could fill the open positions you might want to reconsider.  Hiring IT staff not only gives you the overhead of a salary, you also have to consider benefits, sick time, holidays, vacations, training, and the worry that their skills become outdated.  Using IT as a service helps you shift the costs, training, and skills to the IT & Security firm.  What does that mean for a 30 or 40 person business using managed services? You get a diverse team of people for less than the cost of hiring a single person with more limited skills.

The only thing certain is that the technology landscape will continue to change.  Using a managed IT services firm can make all the difference in delivering against your business goals.


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