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  • “We wanted to utilize the cloud without compromizing our need for client privacy.  Restech helped formulate the right hybrid strategy to keep what we need local and more the rest to the cloud.” – New Orleans Law Firm

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Cloud Computing Services Questions

The cloud or cloud computing is the delivery of software and services via the internet.  The promise is that businesses can be more mobile, more collaborative and provide small businesses with more tools and resources for a predictable cost.

It has opened the door for new business models that are sometimes disruptive.  In today’s digital world almost everyone uses the cloud in one way or another.  In general, there are 3 areas of focus for cloud computing.

SaaS or software-as-a-service

This is a prime way that small businesses are using the cloud.  By purchasing software or email services via the internet as a subscription many small businesses avoid having to have servers and other hardware on site to run their business.

IaaS or infrastructure-as-a-service

IaaS provides the infrastructure components that normally would reside in your building on an infrastructure managed elsewhere with cloud access . They include servers, storage and networking hardware, as well as the virtualization needed to access the infrastructure over the internet.  If you have software or applications that you need to run but don’t want to have the expense or have the human resources to manage it you can use IaaS.

PaaS or platform-as-a-service

PaaS is a cloud computing model where a third-party provider delivers the hardware and software tools needed for a business to develop applications.  Often SaaS companies will use this service to develop their online software.

Cloud software or SaaS is software you use via the internet and pay an annual or monthly subscription fee.  The most popular of these are email services like Microsoft 365 or Google App Suite.  Unfortunately, most of us who use SaaS services just assume that they are backing up our data in the way we will need to recover it if it were lost.

The reality is that while these companies have backups for a disaster on their end, backups and recovery are limited and usually not to the level your business needs.

Backing up your SaaS data is as important as backing up your data that is housed inside your business.

We do backup for SaaS including Microsoft 365 and Google’s G Suite.

Through our over 25 years of business we have come to know that helping a buisness grow and stay productive means helping them manage their technology.  Not just fix problems but anticipating and preventing them from happening.  Over the last several years this has become more important than ever.  Technology is driving business success and productivty and demands more knowledge than ever to get the results your business needs.

Our managed services give you the diversified skills you need for less than a single human.

With Cloud Solutions from Restech, things are different. Your technology is hosted by Restech offsite which means you can access your data and software on-the-go from multiple devices. You can leave the office and still have all the tools you need to run your business effectively. But that’s not the only benefit of the cloud. Since your infrastructure is hosted off-site, you’ll save money, use less energy, and no longer have to worry about repairs, updates, or upgrades.

A better question is “Am I using the cloud securely”?  Almost all businesses have adopted some form of cloud usage at this point.  It might be dropbox or Microsoft 365 or some other SaaS application that drives your business.  Most people don’t think about security when operating in the cloud, they just assume it’s safe.

The reality is that 1 in 4 business users of the cloud have experienced some sort of cyber loss.

Instead of just signing up for your next SaaS product let us help you navigate to know you have your data secure and backed up.

Looking to migrate your own services to the cloud using IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service?  Let us help you with your cloud migration strategy and management.


Some businesses opt to set up their infrastructure in a way to create their own private cloud that is limited to use by employees or an industry. The company owns the entire infrastructure including servers, storage etc.  Some companies believe it provides more security or strategic advantage.  The advantage is still greater mobility for the organization.  We build private cloud, hybrid cloud solutions and manage migrations or implementations in the public cloud as well.


Most of us are most familiar with this concept.  Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google makes resources, servers, storage, available to the public.  You basically rent space to be able to serve up your business applications or use theirs.  Using public cloud can provide extra capacity on demand giving a business more flexibility without having to have the extra capacity when they don’t need it.  The down side is this is self managed unless you have staff or a service provider like Restech to help manage it.


This is a combination of public and private.  It’s the best of both worlds.  An organization that needs dedicated resources but can combine that with share and virtualized resources chooses this option.  Today many businesses are opting for SaaS applications and combining that with cloud that is more private.

We can help you navigate the best solutions for your business.

A mass amount of our business and personal data is moving to the cloud.  Software as a service (SaaS) is growing and our daily business data is being helod by the SaaS companies we have agreements with.  The question is who owns that data? If it is your generated data it would make sense that you own it. But what happens if one of these SaaS software vendors goes insolvent?

Check User Agreements Before Signing Up

While it’s easy to sign up for a relatively inexpensive softare service to run your busines we often don’t think about what happens to that data.  We just assume it’s going to be there.  Check the user agreements before handing your data over.

Make a Copy

Additionally you can use API services to make a copy of that data locally.  More imporatantly make sure your backup your SaaS data.

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