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Watch how easy it is to get hacked with a $99 device.
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    “Wi-Fi is an essential part of our customer satisfaction strategy.  It needs to handle all kinds of devices, be very secure and keep us from constantly having to troubleshoot it. Restech helped make our complex Wi-Fi needs simple, reliable and secure. ” – Pontchartrain Center, Kenner, LA

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Things to Know About Wi-Fi

The next Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 ax is coming soon.

Discover the top 10 things you definitely need to know to prepare yourself for the this Wi-Fi paradigm shift.

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Not all Wi-Fi is going to help you meet your business goals.  Your customers and employees expect Wi-Fi like they are starting to expect that you have electricity. It is quickly becoming a utility that when done correctly increases your brand and when done poorly leaves your business looking a bit behind the times.

Speed and performance matter but you also can’t leave security out of the equation.  It’s easy to hack Wi-Fi so make sure you have it set up by someone who knows what they are doing.

In the real world you need to think past just being able to connect via Wi-Fi.  Besides speed and security you need to consider the vast number of devices needing to connect.  Your Wi-Fi should be designed and configured to address the growing demand for high volume and diversity of devices that are looking to connect.

This is a two part question.  First you need to understand how to secure your business Wi-Fi to keep your business data safe and secondly how to securely use public Wi-Fi at airports, hotels, coffee shops and the like.  Wi-Fi has a lot of vulnerabilities and anyone can purchase tools to divert your wifi traffic.

The first major thing every business should create is a separate guest network for customers vs an enternal network for employees.

If you are a road worrior and often use public Wi-Fi you will want to check out our blog spot on that.

We’ve created a great blog article about keeping your Wi-Fi Secure and can read it by clicking here.

Here at Restech we have set up hundreds of business Wi-Fi networks that are configured for speed, multiple devices and handle the security issues so you can provide a great user experience without the hassles that can come with technology.

When you purchase Wi-Fi access points like Aerohive or Watchguard and a number of other Wi-Fi access point vendors you can configure them to gain valuable insights on customer or user behavior.  You can also configure to send them to a login webpage that gives marketing messages or other calls to action.

Customers and employees expect Wi-Fi today.  Give them the performance and access they desire while maintaining your security and get insights using marketing opportunities in exchange.

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